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The Work of Paul Tisdell

The name I was given is Paul Tisdell, however, it is of little to no significance who or what I am, nor the trials and revelations that brought me to this point or present moment. It might be better to think of me as no-one.

In the hermetic tradition, every true initiate is Hermes, by this the ego cannot attach easily to any grandeur and glamour, it can remain humble to the influx of the light of the soul that inhabits it.

So, I am a Hermes, thrice great, holding in my hand the staff known as the caduceus, the three alchemic principles in action and completed as a stone.

The work I present to you is the reflection of my stone.

A foundation stone, the basis upon which to build a meaningful spiritual life. There are events in our lives that are very meaningful, they have a statement, they say something. If you have some objectivity, you can stand back and see what it says. Most of us do this at turning points in our lives, we have relationships with people, relationships with people end, they change, and you change, everything changes. The art of change, transmutation, is Alchemy. Alchemy has its own language. Sometimes we see the writing on the wall.  Where is this wall and what language is the writing?

We all experience this writing throughout our lives, our desires and needs often justify ignoring the obvious. Here in simplicity is the basic foundation of enlightenment, overcoming desire and attachments so you can see in its light. Understanding is the light of enlightenment, without understanding we are all in the dark, simple enough? It is not complicated, our justifications for desires and attachments are simply clouds dimming the Sun; the clouds are the wall where the writing appears, it appears in the event.

The writing on the wall! the conversation we all have with the source of our lives, our soul, our personal God, the divine spark that entered this body and gave it life, the Alpha and Omega, it is there at the beginning and end, the hissing serpent that bites its tail; this is the sound of silence.  I often say, hush thy mouth and seal thy lips - if you do this, and place your finger on your lips as a gesture of silence, the next and most obvious action, no matter what your culture or racial background is, the sound is Shhhhhh......, the fire serpent, the sound of silence.

The conversation of life asks questions of you, events have a statement, what does it say - first question. The questions are the foundation of knowledge, when you have the answer to the question you have knowledge, you understand. The foundation stone, your spiritual dwelling, a house, a life that has a living spirituality, a day to day conversation.  You enter your Self, your dwelling, the Foundation Stone is set in stone, the solid answers to the questions - this is the Foundation Stone of your house - enter the 'Way'.  

When you answer these questions you connect with your conscience, a ray of light from the divine spark.  This is what this website is about, to help you read this language, connect with your soul personally and in time realize you were always this, you were just distracted for a moment.

The Members section gives you an opportunity to enter this conversation and its sacred language. Practices to be applied, lessons learnt, a path trodden. Know for thyself, thyself! There is something greater than the ego.

My work

This is the hardest thing I have had to do, take ownership of this work, I am its author.  Each dawn I awaken with the Sun and it sheds new light on an ancient world view.

Our being, even the warts are a whole. Nature turns death into compost, a vibrant substance, it does not waste anything. She does this by law, your body is lawful, a part of this lawful whole, do you think the mind is lawless?  

When we understand these laws and consciously apply them the mind and body have a shared existence. Nature is not separate from this dynamic but without spirituality we separate ourselves from this whole, and we enter the cult of the ego, me, me, me.

Often when work like this is presented the one who brings it forward is attacked and the work mocked, criticized with all manner of intellectual argument. These arguments are simply avoidance mechanisms of the ego suppressing the soul. This work is soul food, spiritual nutrition, it is simple. All of the grandeur expressed in divinely inspired works is who you are.

Does ‘God’ exist? Do ‘Masters’ exist? Do ‘You’ exist? When you master an aspect of yourself, the Master exists. When you realize there is a force that is greater than the ego, God exists.  Look at a flower – why is it that shape, is it a random act? Are you a random act, a freak of something called evolution? There are laws and principles within this not so random creation, these laws and principles are within you as well, they are you. Knowing them and applying them consciously does make a difference to life. This work is a master plan of consciousness.  Consciousness is not random or meaningless, it is conscious, awake, and aware, just like you – a thought, there is you and the thought, did you conjure the thought or did it appear, it is not you but you have it. Everything that comes before your consciousness is conscious within you. Every time the ego loosens its grip, the limits of consciousness loosen – evident when we rest the selfishness of me, we become aware of the welfare of others. This is why the masters suggest service is the way to God. Understanding the laws and principles that separate you from it, enables you to gradually let go into its embrace. The ego is a babe, innocently trying to find its place, the soul its mother, and the spirit its father. You are the eye in this triangle, my work sheds some light so you begin to see.




Truth is the Quintessence of all Thought

Theory is information, it is nothing but a book upon a shelf in mind.  When put into practice, the moral of the theory is attained.  A parable is a fictitious story, it of itself has no truth yet something transpires within the individual who ‘gets it’ – when knowledge of this nature is put to practice one becomes.

Begin Your Way


Inner sight, seeing in the mind, the mind's eye.

Insight, what is an insight? Inner sight, seeing in the mind, the mind's eye. If you examine yourself you will discover the light of the mind is understanding, without understanding we are in the dark.  This insight page is that, of understanding. Upon the kabbalistic tree understanding is the 3rd sphere Binah the divine Mother. Without understanding what can we give birth too? Binah is in the supernal, it is called the ‘throne of God’, God consciousness is seated in understanding, one could say understanding is what expands consciousness, gives it life and growth.

These are insights, things that when understood are likened to a fetus in the womb of the Mother, when they reach the end of their cycle of 40, are born as divine children, wisdom in action.

The Tree Is Life

Have you ever considered what a tree is and why the Bible speaks of the Tree of Life, its fruit, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, duality, the fall and acquisition of wisdom?

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The Fool’s Bag

What is the Fool’s Bag?
Self-interest, a line between selflessness and selfishness. Selfless does not mean a doormat with no awareness, it requires absolute awareness. Let us consider awareness as the root of self-consciousness, when the identification of self is removed there is only consciousness, total awareness, liberation.

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Let us consider ‘love’, for most falling in love is the greatest force they experience in life, an initiation into…

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