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The Work of Paul Tisdell

The name I was given is Paul Tisdell, however, it is of little to no significance who or what I am, nor the trials and revelations that brought me to this point or present moment. It might be better to think of me as no-one.

In the hermetic tradition, every true initiate is Hermes, by this the ego cannot attach easily to any grandeur and glamour, it can remain humble to the influx of the light of the soul that inhabits it.

So, I am a Hermes, thrice great, holding in my hand the staff known as the caduceus, the three alchemic principles in action and completed as a stone.

The work I present to you is the reflection of my stone.

A foundation stone, the basis upon which to build a meaningful spiritual life. There are events in our lives that are very meaningful, they have a statement, they say something. If you have some objectivity, you can stand back and see what it says. Most of us do this at turning points in our lives, we have relationships with people, relationships with people end, they change, and you change, everything changes. The art of change, transmutation, is Alchemy. Alchemy has its own language. Sometimes we see the writing on the wall.  Where is this wall and what language is the writing?

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I Am pleased to be able to offer Members 'my work'.  As a Member you have access to the Foundation Stone series, the first body of work I created to assist individuals to 'know themselves', to be able to process, gain clarity of and objectivity to their life's circumstance, and navigate via the archetypal language.  Also, the Secret, a transcription with audio of a live lecture, assisting with connectivity to the 'energy' which is depicted as the symbol of infinity at the head of the Magician card, is also available directly as a Member.
Additional purchases of my material is available within Members such as "The Christos Alchemic Meditation", "The Way - The Builders of the Temple of Humanity", and soon to be included "The Round Table of the Knights" which includes over 20+ hours of videos created from live lectures, an exceptional work.

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Truth is the Quintessence of all Thought

Theory is information, it is nothing but a book upon a shelf in mind.  When put into practice, the moral of the theory is attained.  A parable is a fictitious story, it of itself has no truth yet something transpires within the individual who ‘gets it’ – when knowledge of this nature is put to practice one becomes.

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Inner sight, seeing in the mind, the mind's eye.

Insight, what is an insight? Inner sight, seeing in the mind, the mind's eye. If you examine yourself you will discover the light of the mind is understanding, without understanding we are in the dark.  This insight page is that, of understanding. Upon the kabbalistic tree understanding is the 3rd sphere Binah the divine Mother. Without understanding what can we give birth too? Binah is in the supernal, it is called the ‘throne of God’, God consciousness is seated in understanding, one could say understanding is what expands consciousness, gives it life and growth.

These are insights, things that when understood are likened to a fetus in the womb of the Mother, when they reach the end of their cycle of 40, are born as divine children, wisdom in action.

Meditation & Talk

Every full moon, we run a talk and meditation via a video call.

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There is much written about kundalini, the fire serpent and the 7 centres. Consider what this inner fire feeds, what…

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“Do you get the picture? this is not science as you may know it. This is a different language, a…

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