The Stories of Poe

Poe is a fictitious character created to relay spiritual ideas in story form. The gemmatria of Poe is 86, Phay 80 and Vau 6.  Phay is the tower tarot card - this is the biblical tower of Babel where one language became many and the different races spread to the 4 corners of the earth could no longer speak to each other. The totem of Phay is the mouth which has its obvious relationship to speech which is very much the tradition of the Kabbalah, a knowledge passed on by word of mouth. Vau (6) is the card of the hierophant - the mediator between above and below  -- 6 is the hexagram, the union of above and below. 86 is also the value of the word Elohim. With this in mind the idea in the name Poe is to pass on a knowledge that is spiritual in nature in a story that mediates heavenly ideas in an earthly garment.

These are some of the stories that have been made into video.

Poe and the Miner

This is the first to be turned into video way back in the analog days - The audio is low so you may have to turn the volume up high. We are fond of this old Poe, we hope you enjoy it to.

Poe and Tadpole

 Is a story that appears in Staff of the Wise 2. A story about the spiritual transmutation of a tadpole to a frog with a glimpse of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.


Poe and women

Is from Staff of the Wise 1 - a simple story dealing with polarity, the Tree of Life, the lamp and flame.


Poe and the Magical Belt

 A story about a magical belt.  From Staff of the Wise 4.  (Who has got the magic?)  It has a link to Revelations.

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