The Christos Meditation Practice

Video clips from The Staff of the Wise.

One will get a much better feel for the ideas presented here by first reading spiritual development. The Christos Meditation may initally be considered a center pillar exercise, its most certainly has its place in the center pillar of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. It is the Holy flame which rises up the center of the Tree, it is protected by a Holy lamp, the outer pillars of the Tree of Life (see Poe and women).  The Christos is a complete package holding the key that opens the door of the way, its depth is unfathomable and its height reaches into the throne of God. Having the basic pattern of the Christos Meditation does not however ensure success, one must be able to call the energy. Calling the energy is not a difficult exercise but for some it can be, this is general because the head can get in the way, trying to hard or expecting to much, these things are tricks that constantly hinder many students. The tarot card of the Hanged Man gives a key here.  The man is hanging upside-down upon a Tau cross, his legs are crossed, his arms and head form a triangle. This shape of a cross upon an upside down triangle is the Alchemic symbol of the Philosopher's Stone, depicting the elements crossed extracting the Quintessence into the crucible below. The mans head is illuminated suggesting the process illumines the mind or causes enlightenment.

In this image we have the same basic idea as King Authur and the sword within the anvil, the extraction of the Quintessence, that alchemical substance that has miraculous properties. There is a further key given in this card, it corresponds by the hermetic kabbalah to the Hebrew Mother letter Mem. Mem is the maternal creative principle, the waters of the deep, it has no pronunciation for it is mute having no sound, one cannot hear water only the sound of it acting upon other elements. If you truly listen, not to your thoughts just to the sounds in your immediate environment you will quickly become still and at peace, and ready to begin meditation.

Behind the Hanged Man is a Tau cross upon which he hangs, upon the Kabbalistic Tree of Life the path of Tau is between Malkuth the Kingdom and Yesod the Foundation. This path I call the wick of the Holy candle -- Malkuth is the body of the candle (the fat upon the alter), Yesod the burning upon the wick is a very alchemical place where matter is transmuted into light by fire (Meditation or a meditative state of mind). When the flame is lit the energy of the limitless light (Ain Soph Aur) beams from Kether, "I and the father are one".  "The spirit of God (the Hebrew letter Shin) passed over the waters of the deep (the Hebrew letter Mem) and God said let there be light, and there was light."


The tarot card of the Magician gives us a further key, the magician stands at the altar with the 4 Hermetic elemental weapons invoking the spirit, this is a similar theme to the King Arthur story, above his head is the sign of the infinite - the eternal, demonstrating that the flame must be lit before any operation can be performed. "For the lord your God is a consuming fire."



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